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Salt Factory by Air Factory 50MG 30ML

Salt Factory by Air Factory 50MG 30ML

Availability: ในคลังสินค้า

A little bit of salt will not destroy your favorite vaping experience. Salt Factory is introducing a collection of four salt e liquids that will probably give most of us a better vaping time than when vaping using regular e liquids. All four salt e liquids include salt based nicotine that offers an amazing throat hit. This might sound scary, but it simply means that the flavors in the salt e liquids will be more powerful, allowing you to taste each one in its entirety. Salt Factory created two blends that they decided to mix with menthol. Now you can try Iced Chee, which combines the exotic lychee fruit with the chilling menthol flavor that usually makes everything taste ten times better. You can also try the Crisp Apple salt e liquid that almost reminds you of your favorite apple pastry, but it suddenly freezes because you somehow landed in the Arctic. Right when you think Salt Factory is going to incorporate Menthol in all their salt e liquids, it gives you Blue Razz. This salt based nicotine blend satisfies your sweet tooth craving while helping you avoid a trip to the dentist. Last, but not least, you get a mysterious blend that Salt Factory is not telling us what it is made of. A couple hints were dropped, but nothing is officially confirmed. I guess that one you will have to try for yourself to find out why many individuals are going crazy over it. Salt Factory does not really disappoint when it comes to introducing new blends, so why will they start now? Give them a try and it will not surprise us if you come out falling in love with one of these salt e liquids. Each is available in the generous amount of 30ml. Which salt e liquid will satisfy your craving?

**คำเตือนใช้กับบุหรี่ไฟฟ้าระบบ Pod Device หรือ Vape Pen เท่านั้น**

Salt Factory by Air Factory 50MG 30ML

Salt Factory - ICED CHEE

Salt Factory by Air Factory 50MG 30ML

Salt Factory - Crisp Apple

Salt Factory by Air Factory 50MG 30ML

Salt Factory - ?Mystery?

Salt Factory by Air Factory 50MG 30ML

Salt Factory - Blue Razz





Salt Factory by Air Factory 50MG 30ML

Product Description

Iced Chee - Salt Factory E Liquid   Primary Flavors: Lychee, Menthol
Want to try an exotic fruit with a twist? Lychee is not a fruit that is often consumed, at least not in western countries. This iconic Asian fruit is now paired with the classic cooling flavor of menthol. Iced Chee is bringing us a combination that will give us a burst of juicy flavor and the chills going down our spine. The Lychee will give, those of us new to the fruit, a sweet taste with a little bit of tart to accompany it. It is more sweet than bitter, but the icy mix brought to us by the menthol will make any sour taste disappear. As you inhale, you almost automatically start freezing up because the menthol is just too strong that it is unexpected. Menthol does have a peppermint and spearmint taste so it is no surprise why it makes you feel very refreshed. As you keep pulling, you meet the sweet lychee taste that you have been waiting for. Slowly you begin to defrost, and now it feels as if you are indulging in a sweet minty ice cream cone. You can feel some of the vapor escape from your nostrils, and as much as you want to keep it in, you realize you have to let it out. Exhaling feels as if you just finished taking a sip of a lychee cold soda that is only exclusive in Asia, but somehow you got your hands on it. You might end up feeling like a new person because of how relaxed this salt e liquid just left you. The reason why it felt like an amazing session is that Iced Chee contains salt based nicotine, which gives you a stronger throat hit. Before you get intimidated, this just means that Iced Chee will be more flavorful because of the enhancement the salt based nicotine gives it. Salt Factory E Liquid has several other flavors available that they are pretty sure you will like. However, the Iced Lychee is probably the one that will be the most memorable from the bunch because it will not let you stop taking puffs. Salt Factory is manufactured by Air Factory E Liquid

Crisp Apple – Salt Factory E Liquid   Primary Flavors: Apple, Menthol
What do you call it when New York City gets hit with a blizzard? A Crisp Apple! Get it? Same way you did not mind that dad joke, you probably will not mind this salt e liquid brought to us by Salt Factory E Liquid. The same team that brought us Frost Factory and Air Factory is adding a little twist to what the familiar flavor might have already had. Crisp Apple is now available with salt based nicotine that can most likely give you one of the best experiences you ever had. The amazing taste that apples give you is now being paired with the classic cooling blend menthol. Yes, this combination is about to get chilly, and by that, we do not mean spicy. Taking a pull of this salt e liquid will make you feel as if you are going apple picking in the North Pole. You are surprised these apples are ripe with such harsh weather conditions, but you do not question it. It feels as if a walking basket of icy apples is going through you while dropping a couple apples along the way. This blend is savory and you do not want it to end. You slowly start exhaling because you want to appreciate the salt e liquid some more. The big clouds slowly escape into the air, and you feel as if you started munching on a bunch of sliced apples while climbing Mount Everest. Can you say intense? This experience feels like no other, and it becomes apparent the salt based nicotine makes a huge difference. With 30ml of salt e liquid available, be my guest and go on several trips. Besides, with how good Crisp Apple is, you might reconsider putting your vape pen away so soon. There are several other salt e liquids that Salt Factory E Liquid has made available for you, so why not go on more than one trip. Salt Factory is manufactured by Air Factory E Liquid.

?Mystery? – Salt Factory E Liquid   Primary Flavors: Fruit,Candy
How about a little guessing game to excite us at trying out this salt e liquid? Salt Factory E Liquid is not going to tell us what is in the mysterious flavor that they are offering part of their collection. We can give you a couple hints! It might be as juicy as your favorite fruit or as sweet as your favorite piece of candy. Think you have it figured out? Well, maybe you have to try it out to see what this salt based nicotine is all about. The anxiety is making us go mad too, so you are not alone. One thing that is for sure is that, whatever taste this salt e liquid has, it will provide us with a ton of flavor. When there is salt based nicotine involved, you can bet that the throat hit is going to be divine. This means that the flavor that is in this mysterious salt e liquid will give you an experience you will not forget. The creators at Salt Factory are not new to the vaping game, and they have not disappointed many of us yet, so why not trust them and see what this mysterious blend has to offer? Each mysterious mix comes in a 30ml bottle so you will have plenty of it to go around if you fall in love with it. From the hints we have, we know it will be a sweet blend. The real question is how sweet is too sweet? This is becoming a real nail-biter! Salt Factory E Liquid has experience working with classic, juicy, and sweet blends, so perhaps they know what they are doing. I guess we can try the flavor and let you know what it is once and for all. Okay! We are trying the blend and the flavor is …Salt Factory is manufactured by Air Factory E Liquid.

**This product is made with nicotine salts and not intended for sub ohm vaping**. 


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